Wedding Potpourri

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FleurEssence Symbolic Wedding Potpourri

Fresh herbs & flowers have been essential to the language of love
in many cultures for centuries, used generously in adorning bridal couples as well as bridal chambers.
     Victorians brought this tradition of using flowers to new heights with their "language of flowers", a non verbal form of communication in which symbolic herbs & flowers were combined to send a coded message.  Pressed flowers, potpourri, single leaves & pictures were used to convey thoughts and emotions as surely as the spoken word.  This wedding potpourri was created with this specific idea in mind.

Comes with 3oz of potpourri, white sachet & blue sachet.

Flower meanings:

Lavender - devotion, undying love, luck

Red Rose - passion, love

Pink Rose - beauty, happiness

Jasmine - romance

Cornflower - wealth, prosperity

Heather - promises, luck

Yarrow - health

Marjoram - joy, happiness

Calendula - health, joy

Thyme - courage , strength

Rosehips - prosperity, fertility

Sage - health

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