'Summer' Whipped Body Butter

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After a day in the sun our skin needs to be re-hydrated, rejuvenated, and sometimes re-generated. The combination of butters & oils in Summer Butter will provide your skin with the love & healing it needs.


*Butters will melt in a warm environment. Butters will re-harden but will be a different texture. Keep in cool place.


Organic Virgin Coconut Oil - Treats inflamed, irritated skin

Organic Shea Butter - Promotes cell renewal

Organic Mango Butter - Moisturizes, restores elasticity

Organic Cocoa Butter - Heals & moisturizes

Kukui Nut Oil - Helps soothe dry skin

Camelina Oil - High in Vitamin E, improves skin tone & prevents free radical damage

Abyssinian Oil - penetrates outer layers of skin, improves tone & texture

Organic Rosehip Oil - High in Vitamin A, combats free radicals that cause sun damage to the skin

Organic Tamanu Oil - Skin re-generator that helps with a plethora of skin ailments

Vitamin E Oil - Preserves

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