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The place where all natural ingredients, affordable prices and

products that soothe, soften, and rejuvenate the skin are most important.

'Because Feeling Great Should Come Naturally'


The Body

Our skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it. FleurEssence uses 100% all natural ingredients only. Vitamin E Oil to preserve & therapeutic Essential Oils to scent.


The Face

FleurEssence offers no false promises of eternal youth, just the best ingredients that natures provides to keep your skin clean, healthy & glowing.


The Senses - Potpourri Has Arrived

Sight - When we see something we perceive as beautiful we get a certain feeling of calm and satisfaction.

Smell - Research shows us smells can impact everything, from dreams and emotions and stress, to pain, concentration, memory and romance. While a whiff of lavender releases feel-good hormones and makes us happier, the scent of roses lowers blood pressure and a hint of eucalyptus improves alertness.

This Pure Potpourri, scented with Essential Oils, is made of flower petals, leaves, herbs & spices. Natures decoration.